South african bread and butter pudding recipes

Banana Bread Doughnuts

Banana Bread Doughnuts

It’s a SouthAfrican foodies take on comfort food, sweet treats and meaty goodness. Banana Bread Doughnuts, topped with peanut butterand decorated with caramel corn and peanut brittle

Fabulous fine dining at FYN

Well, furikake is a Japanese seasoning which is sprinkled on top of dishes – this time the bread – which is a steamed SouthAfricanbread called idombolo

Bread & Butter Pudding

Beat eggs thoroughly and add sugar, salt and milk. Thickly butter sliced bread. Place slices with the buttered side down in a greased dish

Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Bread

garlic bread, potato salad and my mom’s “heerlike poeding” (literally translated as delicious pudding) which has to be as SouthAfrican as a braai