Quick easy south african biscuit recipes

Crunchies – A South African Favourite

Crunchies – A South African Favourite

These are quick to mix up and are easy enough for the children to help. For those of you who are not familiar with crunchies, they are similar to the Australian Anzac Biscuit, and are crisp and “crunchy”

Quick! Learn to draw Mickey Mouse

Anyway with that said, there is not much time to dilly-dally on this blog today - so instead I've decided to show you a quick and easy way to draw Mickey Mouse

Everything Takes Twice as Long Living in a Landy

Add some juice (milk goes bad to quickly) and were ready to enjoy breakfast watching the birds. As there is no kitchen sink it’s off to the nearest water source (sometimes it’s our onboard tank with easy to use spigot


Here are some quick and easy ways of using them in cooking. Easy / Takes a little effort Prep time. SouthAfrican Avocado Growers' Association Serves