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The dish that reminds her most of home is pap (a staple food made from maize) served with vegetables and gravy
Senhor Calistos

Senhor Calistos

Note, they've added a South African spin to the Portuguese with pap and gravy as an alternative to chips or rice
Savoury Dumplings Recipe

Savoury Dumplings Recipe

Set aside to cool sufficiently to handle comfortably. Cook a moist but firm phutu-pap by gradually pouring the maize meal onto the simmering salted stock, stirring thoroughly, then cooking covered over low heat for approximately 10 minutes to obtain a mixture resembling firm mashed potato. Bake uncovered in the preheated oven for 35 - 40 minutes until golden brown

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To this day she enjoys “eating from the pot and sharing with friends” her roasted fish, ndole (spinach with nuts), plantain, pap and achu (made from pounded coco yams with gravy)


I also added oxtail soup mix towards the end to thicken gravy even more. Serve with creamy samp,rice or pap


klein bakkie oats pap met n lepeltjie botter en heuning, of n klein bakkie mielie pap met melk middag ete en of aandete

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Other popular menu items include burgers, which you have a choice of grilled or crumbed, as mentioned their grilled prawns and beef prego, and on the sides list they even offer grilled mealies as well as pap and gravy


Heerlik saam met Vleispasteitjies, Kapokaartappels, Pap of enige gebraaide vleis. 1 pakkie “Knorr Gravy Brown Onion Gravy” –aangemaak soos op pakkie