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Bosjes Kombuis opens with modern take on fresh farm food

It’s ideal as an easy, scenic day trip, just over an hour’s drive from Cape Town. In addition to BOSJES Kombuis, a daily selection of freshly baked cakes, scones and savoury bites will be served informally in an open-air tea garden near the chapel


I love desserts and I especially love anything made with chocolate. My “significant other’s” son is also a huge chocolate fan, so I needed to create something chocolatey this weekend for him
Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchbox Ideas

EasyApricot Slices. Berry Scones. Apricot and Cranberry Crunchies. Also, there comes a time when the kids return from school ravenous and ready to eat anything that isn’t nailed down

Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar

For the cake, in one large bowl, make up two boxes of cake mix according to instructions. Add a drop of food colouring to each bowl and mix well (ie


Easy / Quick Prep time. Use cream in cookingBaffled by the number of different creams – whipping, pouring, single, double – on the market and exactly what they’re best used for