Can i cook beef stew with baby marrows recipes

Meatball and Butter bean Spanish Stew

Meatball and Butter bean Spanish Stew

I have been experimentingwith the "Ultimate Seed mix" lately, although Isometimes make my own thistimeI used the pre mixedversion

Samp & beans with meat

Thistraditional South Africandish, Umgqusho, is so quick and easy to make when using your AMC Speedcooker


Remove the second batch of browned beef to the plate with the first batch. Serve hot, sprinkledwith fresh parsley

Birthday Weekend…No jokes.

- - With the vegetables I added a bit more sauce, thistime another packet of the sun-dried tomato sauce, a can of peeled tomatoes, tomato jam and a bit of chutney


Cook the wors. Wors stew –. Afwissellend met stukke uie, green, red, yellow peppers en baby marrow op sosatie stokke geryg, liggies met olyf olie gekwas en op die vuur gebraai