Sweet Potato Brownies
dr T goes vegan
dr T goes vegan
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  • 2 large sweet potatoes without giving measurements. I do find this a problem as your definition of a large sweet potato is pretty much dependant on where you live in the world. Use 500g of sweet potato as that seems to work best. I suggest using the purple skinned sweet potato with orange flesh when available as it is sweeter. I struggle to find that at home, so I mostly use the white fleshed, purple skinned sweet potato and sometimes just add a little extra honey to compensate for the lack of sweetness. Taste the batter and decide if you will need to add more sweetener. The sweet potato can be roasted/baked, boiled or steamed. I peel mine, chop it into big chunks and boil it in a little water before draining thoroughly. Make sure you drain it VERY thoroughly though as you do not want extra water in the batter. I also find that the larger the sweet potato, the drier the potato – that is a good thing. The drier kind of sweet potato works even better in my opinion.



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