Mac & Chicken-Cheese with Ham & Tomato
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  • 250 g spiral pasta (cavatappi) or elbow macaroni salt or any garlic & herb salt mix that you fancy180 ml spring onion white tops, thinly sliced 80 g cheddar cheese, cut into 1-cm size dice 80 g smoked or plain mozzarella, cut into 1-cm dice 15 ml olive oil and a nugget of butter2 chicken breast fillets, cut into short, thin strips (about 1 cm x 5 cm) 6 thick slices tasty ham, cut into small dice 250 ml Rosa tomatoes, cut into small dice 1,250 litres prepared B�chamel Sauce/White Sauce (Click here for recipe) for topping: a little grated mozzarella cheese and more Rosa tomatoes, cut into halves or quarters Chef's hint: We love seeing the little specs of oozing cheese in our Mac & Cheese dishes. That's why we dice the cheese and not add it to the sauce to melt. But you can do whatever you fancy ... grate your cheese and even add it to your sauce. That is what good cooking is about: your own taste and style. If you love onions, add 30 ml grated white onion to the macaroni mixture. Or, add as many thin slices of the green spring onion tops as you like. You can also increase the cheese content for more yum. Now who'd say 'no' to a tasty bowl of oozing cheese-n-onion macaroni?



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