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Heat olive oil, add beef mince and fry till beef changes colour breaking up beef ensuring no clumps. LASAGNA(Melanie Kramar) - Watalotwegot

Beef Lasagna

Usually when I make my own lasagna I don’t precook my noodles, and we prefer shredded chicken over ground beef

Caribbean Coleslaw

2 teaspoons Caribbean hot sauce. 20kSHARESShare. 20 minutes to prepare serves 6-8. INGREDIENTS. 6 cups cabbage, shredded, or use store-bought mix


Add the samosas to a wok or deep fryer with enough room temperature oil to cover. Begin to heat the oil on high and cook until the samosas turn a golden brown
Mexican mince chilli corne | adapted from the net

Mexican mince chilli corne | adapted from the net

Lower the heat add in the washed minces and start mixing. In a pot add some oil as well as the onions carrots and peppers , braise until the onion changes color slightly , now add in the ginger garlic and red chilli paste and braise this until you get the aroma
Mince Lasagne

Mince Lasagne

In a large pyrex layer a little white sauce first, lasagnesheets,mince. Add mince, chillies, dhana Jeeru (Cumin),tumeric, salt & pepper

steers chicken

mix all the ingredients and marinate the chicken. 1 chicken cut into pieces, 1tsp salt, 1 1⁄2 teaspoon garlic flakes, 1⁄4 cup oil, 1⁄2 cup vinegar, 1⁄4 cup steers garlic sauce, 1 1/2tsp red chilies, 1 teaspoon fresh garlic, 1⁄4 cup tomato sauce, 1⁄4 cup mayonnaise, 1⁄4 cup steers mustard sauce. 1 chicken cut into pieces,. 1⁄4 cup steers garlic sauce,. 1⁄4 cup steers mustard sauce


Divide wings between prepared racks and spread out in a single layer. Add half of wings to ginger-soy glaze and toss to evenly coat


Lemoncheesecakepuddingdessert is a no-bake dream. Graham crackers, lemonpudding, cream cheese and whipped topping combine in this layered lemondessert

Chicken in white wine sauce

The tender chicken fillets are drenched in a creamy mushroom and whitewinesauce with fresh herbs. This is a winningchicken dish that will have you licking your plate

Mini chicken pot pies

Flatten biscuits out and press each one into a spot in a muffin pan, fill each biscuit with soup/chicken/veggie mix

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